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Welcome to ManMind.

You might be here because you’re having a tough time, know someone who is or you’re just curious.

Whatever the reason, it’s inevitable that we’ll experience a sense of psychological pain at some point in our lives. It can be difficult to understand, let alone deal with when it sticks around – like being lost in some kind of maze.

The decision to “man-up and shut-up” is an easy one but eventually, it stops working.

ManMind is a place to work things out and maybe change direction or simply to think about things a little differently.

Take a look around...

Start here with Mother's Ancient Recipe

Mothers Ancient Recipe is the original ManMind design given to us as young boys. We need to update it regularly throughout our lives if we are to make the most of a changing world. Clinging-on too hard to the original version, usually means a gap between how we wanted to live and the way things turn out.

Maybe what was expected of us then isn’t what is needed now. The questions asked here is, “What is a Man supposed to be?”.

Now What?

If, having listened, you are thinking “too much of this is true and not what I want”, then it’s time to do something different.

Get in Touch and take your next steps